Benchmark Qualified Teacher Status - BQTS

First teacher certification in the Middle East

Benchmark Qualified Teacher Status - BQTS

First teacher certification in the Middle East

About Us

With over 15 year of experience, Benchmark Academy has provided customized training solutions for professionals. Based on the specific needs and goals of individuals and organizations, we have designed accelerated, monitored tracks to educate and develop teachers and leaders for job performance enhancement, increased productivity, facilitating career change, and achievement of internationally recognized certification.

Our team of expert consultants and certified trainers has over 75 years of experience among them in both national and international standards, which will be dedicated to working with your school, leaders, and the community at large to ensure that your training is tailored to your specific needs, achieving the desired quality of education provided by your teachers and educational leaders.


Empower schools in Egypt and the Middle East through creating a network of educational professionals collaborating in continuous learning opportunities to build and enhance knowledge and expertise in the field of education.


Provide top quality, up-to-date training and development services for professionals through a highly flexible blended learning environment to bridge the gap between teaching research and practice, raising the standards of the teaching and learning process across schools in Egypt & the Middle East.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) office was founded to overcome the researched shortage in professional development needs, offering accreditation to international development providers with candidates compiling CPD points through multiple outlets worldwide. By providing independent accreditation, CPD’s mission is to improve the quality of continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure positive and successful CPD experiences, making it easier to access. For more information about CPD accreditations visit

AAQEP is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. AAQEP specialises in preparing and accrediting education providers and has a proven track record in prominent institutions such as California State University, Michigan Department of Education and Columbia University. As of May 2023, over 200 educator preparation providers in 35 states and other jurisdictions are AAQEP members, and we are proudly the first affiliate in North Africa. For more information visit

What you Earn


Benchmark Academy Webinar 1

Benchmark Academy Webinar 1

Why Choose Us

Our flexible online programs are designed to bring the Benchmark classroom to you and are built around three key characteristics

Real-World Cases

Put your learning into practice with real-world examples and experiences from educational experts who share the industry’s proven best practices tailored to the region and its specific needs. As you progress, you'll draw on course concepts, essential tools and frameworks, and the diverse perspectives o...

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Meet the needs of your organization by utilizing our variety of flexible training solutions. We can also tailor our training programs to your specific topics and goals for a more customized experience. Customized training will aid you in meeting the specific needs of your learners, educators, and organiz...

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Fulfil the unique needs of educators and learners in Egypt and the Middle East, through our content, tailored for the region’s needs and requirements, and internationally accredited. Learn the best practices and strategies for teaching and learning that are specifically adapted to the needs and unique ...

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